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“Sequencing in a Flash has taken just about ALL the STRESS out of doing digit spans with my 16-year-old son!  It has REVITALIZED my son’s interest in digit spans because of the novelty of doing it on the computer instead of looking at mom flashing cards at him.  Before we had this program there was no incentive at all that could motivate him to up the intensity.  Now he watches the bottom right corner where it tells what span he’s doing and screams, “MOM!” when it changes from 6 to 7 or whatever.  What a relief!”  There are two types of short-term memory – auditory and visual.  Low auditory and/or visual processing can cause learning difficulties, an inability to pick up on social cues, trouble following the line of a conversation and/or following directions, attention problems, and even behavioral issues.  Sequencing in a Flash provides specific stimulation to the brain in order to remediate the processing ability of any person, at any age, when used as recommended (i.e. 2 minutes twice a day each for both auditory and visual processing).  The CD can be programmed to track up to 5 individuals.  The length of sequence available on the CD goes from 2 to 10 numbers.  So that you have a reference point, an individual aged 7 and up should be able to hold 7 pieces of auditory/visual information.  For children ages 6 and under, the number of pieces of information they can hold should correspond with their age.  During an auditory session, the user will hear a pre-determined amount of numbers; each number will be given at an interval of approximately 1 second.  After all of the numbers in the sequence have been voiced by the computer, the user will then have an opportunity to input the numbers in the exact order they were heard.  During a visual session, the user will see a pre-determined amount of numbers appear on the computer screen for approximately 3 seconds.  After the numbers disappear, the user will then have an opportunity to input the numbers in the order in which they were seen, from left to right.  A correct response is rewarded with praise (this feature can be turned off if you prefer).  Computer Requirements: Win: Windows 98/Me, NT 4.0/2000 or XP; Pentium 233 MHz processor; 64 MB RAM; 20 MB free hard drive space; 4X CD-Rom; 16-bit windows compatible sound card. Mac: Mac OS 9.2 or later; PowerPc G3 233 MHz processor; 64 MB free RAM; 20 MB free hard drive space; 4X CD-Rom Drive.  Not compatible with Mac Lion or newer.

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